Dharma Dog Karma Cat Holiday Ball Single


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Ethical All Natural Holiday Wool Toys for Cats

Stuff your kitty’s stocking with some holiday wool balls! (no cats were harmed in the making of this toy and Dogfather&Co fully recommends spaying and neutering your pets at the advice of your veterinarian)

These toys are hand crafted in Nepal and contain lanolin (grease that naturally occurs in sheeps’ wool). Lanolin can affect cats similarly to catnip as it stimulates sense of smell, also acting as a conditioner for your cat’s paws. What cat wouldn’t like their toy to smell of sheep?

They are 100% natural, made of a blend of Himalayan and New Zealand wools. Dyes in these toys are non-toxic, and the fibers are safe if accidentally ingested.

Your purchase supports a fair wage and safe working environment for artisan women in Nepal.


This listing is for one wool ball cat toy. It is intended for use by pets only.

Always monitor your pet’s toy experience. If it is being consumed or torn apart, remove the toy from your pet.