Natural Cat Toy Silver Vine Handmade Catnip Exquisite Ball Small


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This unique cat toy combines two of nature’s most potent cat stimulants. Catnip is a natural plant which makes cats more active, alert and playful.

The ball’s exterior is made up of potent silver vine sticks held together with hemp chords. Inside the silver vine cage, there is a ball of pure catnip held together by organic gum. Both the scents will fuse together to make this toy irresistible for your cat.

This toy measures 2.75″ or 7 cm in diameter



  • An exterior ball made out of aromatic silver vine sticks
  • Organic catnip ball
  • Knotted hemp cords
  • Feline-friendly, eco-friendly and recyclable material


Silver Vine Stick, Catnip, Hemp Cord, Edible Gum