Natural Cat Toy Silver Vine Corn Goldfish


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Studded on one end of a picked corn cob are a bunch of sturdy corn leaves. The other end features handpicked blocks of silver vine gall fruit. Fastened to these naturally scented gall fruits are a few straying chords of braided hemp to make your cat even more curious about this silver vine cat toy. The toy is shaped like a rustic little goldfish, and it is very compact so you can carry it around with you on trips you plan with your cat. The corn cob will give your cat a clawing and scratching experience that he or she will find pleasant. The gall fruits have been plucked from silver vine plant. The silver vine plant is a natural stimulant for cats just like catnip. It contains a cocktail of natural compounds which heighten a cat’s sense of pleasure, making him excited, playful and energetic.

This toy measures 26 × 12 × 4 cm



  • Chewable corn cob
  • Fluttery corn leaves
  • Natural and aromatic silver vine gall fruits
  • Dangling hemp cords
  • Eco-friendly and fully natural recyclable material


Silver Vine Sticks, Silver Vine Gall Fruit, Corn Cob, Hemp Cord, Corn Leaves