Here at Dogfather we carry a plethora of rotating collar brands. It’s different every season, so stop in to see what colours and styles we’ve got to shop from!

Smoochy Poochy Collars

These collars are a company favourite for their simplicity, durability and bright colours. Colours rotate seasonally, so please call to see what is available.

Euro-Dog Premium Collars

These high quality, stitched collars are made in the USA. They use quality American leather and are ornamented with polester stitching, bringing you a fashionable look without the pricetag.

Euro-Dog Waterproof Collars

Euro-dog also makes waterproof nylon collars. Available in PVC and TPU.

Dogline Round & Soft Leather Collars

Dogline fine leather collars are handmade and stitched with wax thread. In the assortment made of fine 100% leather, you will find the suitable products for any breed and size of dog. These round collars are very comfortable for your dog. The rolled shape also helps to protect against matting in longer haired breeds, as there is no hard edge for the fur to catch on.

Buddy Belt Leather Collars

Buddy Belt is a Canadian company that is always coming out with new and stylish colours and designs. Their top notch leather is soft and flexible. They change some of their designs seasonally – but don’t fret, if you see something on their website you like, we can do special orders.