Sedation Free Teeth Cleaning


We are currently offering teeth cleaning monthly at our Yorkville location at 179 Avenue Road


The service is only $219 + tax, which is hundreds of dollars less than your typical vet teeth cleaning services.

This non invasive and anesthetic free cleaning service can be performed on any dog or cat no matter the size, or temperament. Our pet hygienist has very few patients that she is unable to work with, so don’t be worried about your little one not cooperating.


How does this work?

Your pet will be positioned comfortably in our hygienists lap, while gentle relaxation techniques will calm your pet down, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable. Most dogs and cats are at ease with this service, however, if at any point your pet becomes uncomfortable, and we can not complete the cleaning, you will not be charged for your visit.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning

Please call at 416-960-1088, ext 101 to book your appointment today!