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Due to the rapid growth of our company, we are almost constantly in search of new employees to help grow our team.  If the position you are looking for is not listed above, please submit your resume with a cover letter indicating the position(s) you might be interested in to: [email protected].


Volunteer and Co-op Opportunities

Dogfather is an active participant in the TDSB co-op program.  We are always open to having volunteer or co-op students. We are dedicated to having a positive and enriching environment for any students who wish to do a placement at Dogfather.  To apply for a volunteer or co-op placement, please email [email protected]

Diversity in the Workplace

At Dogfather, we foster a work environment that is inclusive and without prejudice. We feel it is incredibly important to fight against all forms of discrimination. We hire people from all backgrounds and experiences, we believe that the more diversity we have in the workplace, the better.

Challenges in the Pet Industry

For the past few years, Dogfather has been growing at a rapid rate, consequently, we have been hiring quite a number of individuals to fulfill our companies needs. It has come to our attention during this process, that the Pet Industry may not be as happy a place to work as most people would assume. The majority of Dogfather’s staff today have worked for at least one past employer in the Pet Industry who have fostered toxic and high stress work environments, and who have been abusive towards their staff in one way or another.  Unfortunately, since employees have very few rights, many end up quitting, with very little they can do to stop the abuse from continuing to future employees.  We’re not sure why there is such a problem with toxic workplaces in the industry, but what we do know, is too many animal loving, soft hearted individuals take the abuse for far too long because they otherwise LOVE their jobs, and feel they could not imagine working in an environment without animals.

If you are reading this story, and it reminds you of yourself, or anyone else you know, contact Dogfather immediately. We could potentially get you out of this work environment by suggesting other pet industry jobs or even hiring you. As the company grows, we are often looking for new employees in many different areas, we can meet with you, and if we feel you would be a good fit for the team, we’ll put you on a hiring wait list so that when something comes available we will call you first before putting up an add.

You can email us at [email protected] and our HR department will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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