Yellow Hydrant Chilly Nexx Cooling Bandanas

Chilly Nexx uses non-toxic gel bead technology to absorb and keep water in the bandana for hours, keeping your dog cool on hot days. Reusable for up to 30 times, this will keep your dog feeling comfortable on those dog days of summer. We have a wide variety of colours and styles. One size fits most dog breeds.



Hurtta Cooling Vest

A great way to keep your dog going on warm summer walks or training sessions. Just dip in cold water and wring out the excess, and you’ll both be ready to go. The vest is short, designed specially for protecting the heart and chest region for maintaining a healthy body temperature. This style of coat absorbs double the water when compared to terry cloth coats. Available in sizes XXS – XXL.


Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

The swamp cooler is a lightweight cooling vest that duals as protection from the sun. The fabric reflects solar radiation, and evaporative cooling technology pulls heat from your dog. Soak the vest in cold water, wring out and dress your dog. There is even a harness hole designed to fir over Ruffwear brand harnesses. Available in sizes XXS – XL.


Jet Stream

This efficient cooling vest is great for outdoor adventures. It’s flexible and highly cooling in warm climates and high impact activity. The sleek design uses spandex and a three layer evaporative chest panel to disperse heat away from your dog’s core. Just soak it and wring out the excess, dress your dog and enjoy the summer heat.


Core Cooler

The core cooler is an add-on for harnesses that cools while providing extra support for lifting assistance. It has a three layer chest panel with evaporative cooling. Works similarly to other cooling vests, just wet it and wring it out, then apply to your Ruffwear harness. Available in sizes XS – L/XL.




DOGO iCool Gel Mat

These waterless cooling mats are filled with nontoxic cooling gel. The material is durable and can be used indoor or out. Folds up for easy storage, and is size 25.75”L x 19.75” W.


K&H Manufacturing Coolin' Pet Pad

These cooling pads come in 4 sizes to accommodate almost any dog breed. They are gel-cooling, so they do not require water or refrigeration. Please clean by hand – do not put in washing machine. Available sizes are small (11″x15″), medium (15″x20″), large (20″x36″), and X-large (27″x38″).