Pet P.L.A.Y. Moroccan Lounge Beds

These beds are durable and have removable, stain resistant covers.


S 24″L x 19″W x 7″H 16″L x 11″W up to 25 lbs
M 31″L X 25″W x 8″H 21″L x 16″W up to 55 lbs
L 38″L x 30″W x 9″H 27.5″L x 20″W up to 95 lbs
XL 44″L x 37″W x 10″H 32″L x 25″W over 96 lbs

Aviva Designs Custom Beds

Aviva beds are handmade in Toronto, and are a staff favourite. Choose from what’s available in store, or stop by to choose your colour and pattern for a special order.

Special orders through Aviva take approximately 2 weeks to arrive at Dogfather.

Tall Tails Dream Chaser Beds

These Tall Tail beds are great for pets that like to snuggle up! These beds are so soft, you’ll want to burrow into them yourself… if your pet can spare the space.

Paikka Recovery Beds

These luxurious beds are made with a wool mix fabric to provide extra warmth and comfort. Recovery beds are lined with special Far Infrared emitting fabric (FIR), which captures body heat and remits FIR back. This helps pets stay warm and also aids them in a natural recovery process after an active day, improving sleep. The bed’s memory foam base conforms to your pet’s sleeping style to relieve pressure points.

Bowser Pet Products – Designer & Custom Beds

Bowser Beds are made in Mississauga, Canada. These beds have a HUGE array of high quality fabric choices. Below are only a few of what we have available.

Special orders always welcome – they take about 2 weeks. Click on each bed for a broader selection.

Canopy Bed Donut Bed Urban Lounger Piazza Scoop Bed Oslo Orthopedic Isotonic Mattress Crescent Bed Buttercup