Dogfather carries an excellent selection of stylish, quality harnesses, for all your dog-walkin’ needs. Feel free to drop into the shop with your dog to get a fitting.

Buddy Belts

Dogfather takes pride in it’s HUGE selection of Buddy Belts, one of the biggest in Ontario! Buddy Belts are a Canadian brand, boasting 100% leather. They have a simple step-in design and come in a great variety of colours and styles. Colours and styles rotate seasonally, so grab em’ while you can!

Also available by special order!


See size chart below:

Size Girth (inches) Weight (lbs)
1 8-10 <2
2 10-12 2-4
2.5 11-13 3-5
3 12-14 4-8
3.5 13-15 7-9
4 14-16 8-12
5 16-18 12-18
6 18-22 18-25
7 22-26 25-45
8 26-30 45-60+
9 30-36 60-85+
10 35-42 85-100+


Hurtta Weekend Warrior ECO Harness

An ergonomic harness, the Weekend Warrior Eco is suited to active dogs who need a combo of comfort, flexibility and functionality. This harness is designed to evenly distribute the pressure caused by pulling, on your dog’s chest. The surface material is made of 100% recycled polyester with a waterproof Houndtrex lamination. The lining is breathable and reduces chafing. This harness includes a handy-handle for situations where you need close control. There is added 3M reflective piping to improve night time visibility. We offer this harness in colours Hedge and Rosehip, in sizes 16″ – 47″ (see size chart).

Razzle-Dazzle Y Harness

Great for growing pups due to its high adjustability, this harness can grow with your puppy. Extra padding provides comfort on walks and jogs. All sections of the harness are adjustable, from neck to chest and front straps. The buckles are front-snap, making this harness easy to put on. Reflectors makes for great night visibility. We carry this harness in Blackberry and Beetroot, sizes 14″ – 39″ chest (see size chart).

Razzle-Dazzle H Harness

Also designed for growing puppies, this H style northern harness is adjustable at all straps, so it grows with your dog. An integrated handle adds extra support for when you need it. The amount of adjustability makes it great for many breed types. This style is especially great for narrow chested dogs and others who don’t quite fit in a Y-style harness. We carry this harness in colours Hedge and Bilberry, in size range of 14″ chest to 39″ (see size chart).

Hurtta Casual Y Harness

Neoprene padding makes this a comfortable to harness. The chest circumference can be adjusted to suit your dog, and 3M reflectors improve visibility in the dark. At Dogfather, we stock colours Raven. River, Heather and Cinnamon.

Hurtta Casual Padded Harness with Handle

This harness is comfy and durable. The neoprene padded bands make it a great choice for any breed of dog, and the convenient handle makes it easy to grab ahold of your dog and lift ’em in a pinch. 3M reflectors provide extra visibility in the dark. This simple harness is available from us in two colours.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

This reliable and durable padded harness is easy and comfortable for your dog. It not not only has a back clip, but a front clip as well with reinforced webbing to aid you in your walk training. It is fully adjustable, making it a great option for any dog.

Ruffwear Web Master Harness

The Web Master is a highly supportive harness featuring a strong handle and an extra strap. It comes highly recommended by rescues, as it is a difficult harness to back out of. The handle is especially helpful for assisting dogs over obstacles such as steps or rough terrain.

Load Up Car Harness

The Ruffwear Load Up™ Harness is one of the best crash tested car harnesses on the market. With metal clips securely in place, seatbelt-grade straps and weighted padding, you can be sure that your canine can travel safely. Like the Front Range, it is fully adjustable to fit a variety of breeds. Only available in Black.

Pretty Paw Harnesses

Pretty Paw harnesses are light and breathable padded harnesses that attach at the back. They are available in many different designs to suit you and your pup’s style.

Woof Concept Step-In Harnesses

These harnesses are great for their simplicity and their spunky designs. These harnesses are made from quality, water-repellant nylon.

Blue Paw Co. Harness

Probably the softest and cutest harnesses available at Dogfather, Blue Paw’s harnesses come in a variety of fun prints and patterns. They are also reversible! They are great for smaller, wider dogs such as pugs and frenchies.

Canine Friendly Vestharness 2.0

The fully adjustable design has a sturdy chest panel that eliminates pressure points on shoulders, neck and chest. And the elongated seatbelt loop on the back of the harness allows for easy attachment to the car, making vehicle safety convenient. These harnesses are polyester lined to reduce chafing. Dogfather stocks sizes XXS to XL in Red, Black and Teal.

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Car Safety Harness

This harness is guaranteed to keep your pet in place during an accident. It also comfortable keeps your pet restrained from moving around the vehicle to prevent driver distractions. The following video is a crash test of a 75lb dog.