Dogfather has an amazing selection of plush toys for you to explore! From the funny, the cute to the weird, we have it all. All toys are available at both of our locations. Check out our brands below, and feel free to inquire about special ordering


Donald Trump Dog Toy

Made of a tough canvas material with a squeaker inside. These toys are meant to be ripped apart, and your dog can’t wait! He comes in three sizes: small (cat), medium and large.


Rootin Tootin Putin Dog Toy

This guy comes in large size only and had the added allure of fuzzy chaps.





Parody Fashion Purses

Let your doggo be the bark of the town by carrying around one of these fashion-faux-paw designer toys.



Parody Shoes

Strut your stuff grrrl, by picking up and throwing around some of these pro-chew shoes.


Perfume and Gift Boxes

Surprise la chiene in your life with one of these fine plush gifts.



Fun & Bones

Have your dog play in style with classic bones or plush balls in these fetching brands.


Coffee To Go

Dog on the run? Make sure to fetch ’em something to keep up their momentum!


Barkin’ Booze Bottles

A gift most worthy of appreciation for that long awaited dinner date. Get your pupper a drink that’s safe to enjoy with one of these plush bottles.




Lulubelles Toys by Huxley & Kent

Lulubelles has a great selection of parody plush toys for you and your dog to enjoy.





Faballs are double the fun. A plush outer layer, once worn through, reveals a rubber ball. Our selection rotates often, so stock varies. Give us a call to see what’s in store.



Soft and cuddly animals that are all limbs. Great for puppies or dogs who like to whip their toys around!




Like floppies, but extra soft and cuddly! A great choice for puppies.



We’re betting your dog has a craving for these sweet food toys.



These plush stick toys make crunching, cracking sounds when bent for a different sensory experience. They come in small and large sizes.




Fashion Collection Parody Toys

We have an expansive collection of plush accessories for your dog to chewse from, below!


For the Starbarks Addicts

Frenchie Roasts are available in blended, take-out, pumpkin spice, and macchiato to suit your taste.


For Alcopawlics

Fetch your dog a beer, will ya? With these great flavours, your dog will thank you for it.


Crackle Bottles

These toys have a replaceable plastic water bottle inside so you can extend the fun!






These adorable little toys are tones of fun. Hide the little toys inside the big toy and let your dog have fun fishing them out. Available in 3 sizes and 3 animals.





Pet P.L.A.Y. Plush

From fun garden harvests, to mythical beasts, to fast food, this brand has it all.




Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppies

(currently unavailable)

Dogs are pack animals, instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. This plush recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and the sound of a beating heart. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet, with less loneliness, fear and anxiety.



Zippy Paws NomNomz

Is your dog begging for more? Satisfy those cravings with cute and delicious NomNomz!

Zippy Paws Donutz

These donutz are decorated with embroidered sprinkles, making them look like real donuts! These toys are tougher than your average plush toy, have no stuffing inside, and 2 squeakers. They come in three sizes to suit your dog.



Zippy Paws Emojiz

No such thing as too many emojis? Now your dogs can express themselves too with ZippyPaws Squeakie Emojiz! Each emoticon toy has 2 round squeakers.



Zippy Paws Gabbles Music Toys

These small dog toys provide hours of fun. When your dog plays with them, the music box activates for hours of fun! Keep in mind, these are not machine-washable, and are not recommended for strong chewers.


Zippy Paws Burrow Toys

For the doggos needing a little more stimulation, burrows will do the trick! Each burrow comes with three small toys inside to be dug out by your dog. When your dog finds all three, stuff them back inside again!



For two-way play with your dog, tug a monkey with Zippy Paws RopeTugz! These brightly coloured monkeys will make your dog’s day.





Petlou Plush Toys

Soft and cuddly Petlou toys are there for your dog to toss, cuddle or chew.




Pet Sport Plushies

For all your critter needs, Dogfather carries PetSport animal toys.




Jax & Bones Wool Toys

Wool toys are a great choice, as dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of it. These super heros give back – 15% of all proceeds is donated to charities around the US to help eliminate animal suffering.