Dogfather has a great variety of rewarding puzzle toys for your dog to engage with. Determine your dog’s skill level with toys from Outward Hound and Petstages, and once that level is beaten, move on to the next to keep your dog going! Alternatively, pick up a wobble toy for slow treat feeding. No matter your dog’s ingenuity, we’ve got something for them here.


Nina Ottosson Puzzles

Outward Hound & Nina Ottosson have paired up to provide you with a great selection of mind stimulating toys for your dog. Choose from problem-solver skill levels 1 (easy) to 4 (challenging).


Thinkrageous Puzzles

These toys will engage your dog by directing them to investigate where their treats are! Try hiding a treat in only one slot, and watch your dog hone their skills by locating the reward. There are three levels, beginner, advanced, and intermediate.


Challenge Ball

This ball is a durable treat dispensing puzzle. It is made with 100% natural rubber and has 3 adjustable levels of difficulty. Doubles as a fetch ball for larger dogs!


Wobble Ball Treat Hider

The beloved Wobble Ball is as cute as it is practical. These wobbles are a unique toy that dispenses treats the slow way, keeping your dog entertained, engaged and rewarded for play time. Product colours rotate.