At Dogfather, we feed cats too! We are working to make the same great quality foods available for your cat as well as your dog. We are still building our selection, so stay tuned for more great cat foods to be made available soon.


Farmina N&D Prime Feline Kibble

(call our Rosedale location for availability)

N&D Prime is a high quality brand that has substituted all cereals for animal proteins. That makes their recipe 70% animal ingredients and 30% fruits, veg and minerals.



Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw for Cats

(call our Rosedale location for availability)

Your cat can benefit from a raw diet, just like your dog does. Conveniently freeze dried, so preparation is minimal and safe!



Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust

(available at both locations)

If you need a sprinkle of something fun to make your cat’s meal a little more extra, there’s new Marie’s Dinner Dust. Just throw a dash onto your kitty’s regular meal to make it even more enticing. Great for picky eaters.



Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels

(call our Rosedale location for availability)

Cats naturally cravy a raw diet. You can fulfill this need by feeding Stella’s Frozen raw! Just thaw and serve. These frozen meals are rich in moisture, benefitting your cat’s overall wellbeing. Great for both kittens and adults!



Absolute Holistic Air Dried Cat Food

(call our Rosedale location for availability)

This raw, air dried food is a paleo, whole prey diet designed specially for cats. Think of it as a no-fuss, mess-free way to feed your kitty a complete and balanced raw diet. The air drying process makes raw shelf stable, just store in a cool, dark cupboard. It has the added benefit of green-lipped muscles for joint support.