Dog Grooming

Having trouble finding your dream dog groomer?

When it comes to dog grooming, its not just about the right haircut, but also how your dog feels during and after their appointment. The fact is, some dogs love it and some dogs hate it. The best we can do as their owners is to make the experience the least stressful as possible. This means finding a nearby location and sticking with a groomer that you and your dog trust.

The Paw Spa is located at Dogfather & Co. We are conveniently situated in the heart of the Rosedale community at Yonge & Crescent Rd. across from the Rosedale Subway Station. Keep in mind that its not deemed a ‘spa’ for no reason; we genuinely care about your dog and will always cater to their specific needs in order to ensure that they are receiving the spa treatment they deserve – dog style! We offer a range of grooming services and never book more than six dogs a day. This is to ensure that appointments don’t overlap and that no stressful commotion is going on in our facility. We call you as soon as they are finished and you can pick them up right away.

Of course, we can’t forget our wonderful dog groomers who make all this possible. Melissa and Karolina are truly the best. They love animals, they are patient, and always loving. You are able to meet with them at the time of your dog’s grooming appointment to let them know what you would like done, any new or existing health issues we should be aware of, or to simply ask questions and enjoy a quick chat!

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