Albion Hills Farm Smoked Lamb Femur


These measure approximately 8″ long. As these bones are natural, sizes do vary.

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This perfectly smoked lamb femur is one of the highest quality smoked bones you can find on the market. Vacuum wrapped to keep its freshness until opened, this bone is tender and juicy. Because it has been so perfectly smoked to keep its moisture, these bones do not splinter or break off in dangerously sharp pieces. This bone is safe to consume entirely. It is a fantastic choice for medium to large dogs 30 lbs or larger.

How to Introduce Smoked Bones Smoked Lamb Femur

Start off slow to make sure your dogs digestive system can get used to it. The marrow inside is rich, and can cause soft stools if they have too much too quickly.


Disclaimer – Always supervise your dog when allowing them to chew on consumable bones. Some dogs may choose to try and swallow pieces that are too large causing a chocking hazard.