FouFou Dog Groomie Fish Brush

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Groomies are great multi purpose silicone brushes. Their softness makes them great for pets that normally dislike being brushed, because the shape of the silcone bristles provides simultaneous massage for your pet’s skin, while it works to remove loose undercoat.

You can use the flip side for an even gentler groom to help your puppy or kitten acclimatize to being handled for grooming. Groomies are great for bath time too. They can be used wet to simultaneously scrub in shampoo and brush away loose hairs.

Pro Tip: they are also great for scrubbing the pet hair of clothes, furniture and fabrics! You really can’t go wrong with a Groomie.

This listing for the fish shape with finer bristles, which is great for shorter, finer coats.

See the listing for the bone shape with wide bristles, which works best for medium and long length coats.

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