Himalayan Dog Chew The Original Grain Free Cheese

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These cheese treats are long lasting, hard, smoked sticks for your dog to chew on! Made of yak’s milk, citrus and salt, they are highly digestive and a great treat that takes time for your dog to work on. A great alternative to raw hide and other less digestable treats. They usually keep dogs going for hours – they may look and feel like bricks, but as your dog chews, it softens and breaks into small bits. They are just hard enough that they make a great dental stick!

We recommend that when your dog is almost finished, you remove the last chunk just incase. You can turn that last piece into popcorn by soaking in warm water for 5 minutes, and heating in the microwave for approximately 45 seconds. It transforms into a cheese puff! (let cool for a few minutes before returning it to your dog).

Remember to surpervise your dog during chew time. Not recommended for dogs under 12 weeks.

Please follow sizing recommendations:

Small: for dogs 15lb and under

Large: 55lb and under

X-Large: 65lb and under


Ingredients: Cheese (skim milk citrus juice, salt enzymes).

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Large (55 lbs and under), Medium (35 lbs and under), Small (15 lbs and under), XX Large (65 lbs and under)