Hurtta Life Savior Orange


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The Hurtta Life Savior is a streamlined life jacket for dogs. It is approved for all water activities such as swimming, water rescue, muscle rehabilitation, boating and hunting. These jackets are light and adjustable for easy fitting and wearing. It features a sturdy back handle, making it convenient you to help lift your dog in or out of the water.

Please use the size chart provided and select the appropriate size.

If you require assistance with the fit, check out our page on how to measure your dog, or visit us in person with your dog and we will be happy to help!


Size Chart

Size (lb) Neckline (in) Chest (in)
0-10 8″-12″ 12″-16″
10-20 12″-16″ 18″-24″
20-40 14″-20″ 24″-30″
40-80 18″-22″ 30″-39″
>80 22″-28″ 35″-43″
*For more assistance, visit our How to Measure your Dog page, or visit us and we will be happy to fit your dog in person.

Additional information


0-10 lb, 10-20 lb, 20-40 lb, 40-80 lb, 80-160 lb