MyFamily El Paso Dog Collar in Genuine Italian Brown Leather


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Your pup will certainly impress with this dog collar of the El Paso collection. It is made with genuine Italian leather and English brass finishing. This brown leather collar is also available in black.


Size Chart

Size Inches Max. dog weight
XS 8.5-10 in 44 lbs
S 10.5-12 in 55 lbs
SM 11.5-14 in 55 lbs
M 13.5-16 in 55 lbs
ML 14.5-17 in 88 lbs
L 16.5-19.5 in 88 lbs
XL 17-21 in 105 lbs
2XL 19-23 in 105 lbs

Additional information


L, S, 2XL, M