Nature’s Own Whole Elk Antlers

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Elk antlers are a great choice for aggressive chewers who often destroy everything. They are one of the longest lasting bones you will ever buy! Additionally, antlers are amazing for dental hygiene. They are hard enough to help scrape off plaque on your dogs teeth as your dog chews!


An antler a day, keeps the dentist away!


  • Great for aggressive chewers
  • Safe for dogs with allergies
  • No animal is harmed for this chew toy as they are naturally shed
  • Dogfather chew rating 5/5


  • Approx 9-12 inches depending on thickness


IMPORTANT NOTE: this chew is only recommended for adult dogs ages 1 to 7 years of age. Puppies and senior dogs teeth may be too brittle to handle this chew without the possibility of cracking a tooth. Please read Dogfather’s disclaimer for more information. 

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