Outward Hound Puzzle Puppy Smart Blue


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This is a beginner level puzzle toy and great as an introduction puzzle for your pup. It has nine chambers with bone-shaped covers to hide your puppy’s favourite treats.

Once you fill a select amount of compartments with treats, he or she must then remove the bone covers to reveal there reward. You can adjust the difficulty by how many covers you use or flipping the bones around, for an easier difficulty use fewer covers and have the bone’s raised side facing away from the toy. For a challenge use, many covers have a lower side facing away from the toy. This puzzle works great with kibble, small to medium-sized treats can hold one cup of food and are ideal for keeping your puppy stimulated mentally and preventing boredom.

This food-grade plastic puzzle is free of all BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Suitable specifically for puppies, please see the specifications tab for more information.

Diameter: 27 cm (11″)



  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Great for stimulation and decrease boredom
  • Fits kibble or small to medium dog treats
  • Suitable specifically for puppies