Natural Cat Toy Silver Vine Corn Mouse


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This all-natural cat toy takes the shape of a whiskered mouse, and your cat will not miss it! Activate your cat’s hunting instincts during playtime by introducing this sneaky little mouse to your cat. The item consists of silver vine sticks and silver vine gall fruits.

Silver vine lumber, gleaned from organic silver vine plants, contains compounds which heighten a cat’s olfactory response and sharpen its senses. The most potent source of silver vine essence are silver vine gall fruits which we have used in this toy. As your cat chews and gnaws on this mouse’s ears and tail, he is sure to get a lick of his favorite plant. Research shows that silver vine excites around eighty percent of domesticated cats.

The overwhelming scent along with the hemp chord whiskers will make your cat curious. The body is made up of a picked corn cob which your cat will have a great time scratching.

This cat toy measures 26 × 12 × 4 cm



  • Chewable au natural silver vine sticks
  • Naturally fragrant silver vine gall fruit
  • Picked corn cob
  • Braided hemp cords
  • Ecofriendly and recyclable components


Silver Vine Sticks, Cob, Silver Vine Gall Fruit, Hemp Cord