The Bailey Brush for Dogs


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This rubber brush is perfect to lather shampoo and achieve a deeper clean. Its rubber tips penetrate through the coat and make it easy to scrub away dirt and loose fur. Its silicone brush will de-shed your dog either during regular brushing sessions (dry) or when bathing (wet). If using dry, it works best on short to medium coats. If using wet, it works well on all types of coats.



  • Loved by dogs: The rubber tips create a relaxing, calming, and massaging effect that all dogs and cats love. The silicone brush is designed to be gentle on pets.
  • Easy to use and hold: The weight and size is designed to fit easily in your hand. The brush is firm, yet gentle on dog’s skin and coat, and it is easy to use.


How to use

Use at bath time to lather shampoo, remove loose fur and dirt, and get a deeper clean. Or add it to your pet’s daily routine to massage and remove loose fur. It is great for dry deshedding short to medium haired breeds.

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