5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

We are experiencing record high temperatures in Canada this summer. It’s pretty hard for humans to stay comfortable and we don’t even have a heavy fur coat. Just imagine how tough this hot weather is on your pooch. Dogs suffering from heat stroke will pant, whine, and bark. Eventually if conditions get bad enough they will become lethargic and could even slip into a coma. Very old and very young pooches are particularly at risk to succumbing to hotter conditions.

At Dogfather and Co. it breaks our heart to think of any animal over heating, especially for easily avoided situations. Here are a few simple products that will help your dog stay comfortable in even the steamiest conditions.

Cooling Bandanas

Cooling bandanas are a simple, portable way to cool down your dog on hot cooling-bandanas-group 2summer days. Most of them contain little beads that will absorb water and slowly release it throughout the day. This process mimics the act of sweating and will cool your dog significantly. Just run it under cold water before going out and your pup with thank you!


Portable Water Bowls

You never know what adventures you might get into when you leave the house Travel-Water-Group-upright 2with your pooch. You may be gone for a few minutes or a few hours, but one thing is for sure, in the summer they’re going to get thirsty. A portable water dish can fit right in your bag. Bring along a water bottle and you’re all set to give your furry friend a cool drink to take their core temperature down.




Cooling Pads

9b8c1e8e9e761cd66d74d03bf2ee492882f1fb5fThese crazy advances in technology do a great job of keeping your dog cool in warm temperatures. They are filled with a gel that actually reacts to pressure, so when your dog lies down on the pad it’s cooling agent is activated providing a chilly respite from high temps. These pads work surprisingly well and can be a lifesaver to have in your house or cottage.



Cooling Jackets

If you and your pooch are going to be out and about for a long day in the heat, you 05401_SwampCooler_GraphiteGray_Left_Zoommight consider a cooling jacket. These work fairly similar to the cooling bandanas, but offer a lot more coverage. They will slowly release water and keep your dog cool and comfortable. Not everyone knows it, but your dog can get sun burnt the same way you can. These coats will also prevent them from getting sunburned.


Ice Ball

AFP-ice-ball_1This is both a toy and a way to keep your dog cool and refreshed. Fill the ball with water and freeze it. In a few hours you’ll have a toy that your dog will love playing with as the water melts giving them a cold treat. The only thing you to consider is containing your pup’s play to tile or wood floors for easier clean up afterwards.